Going out on a hike? Exploring the rocky new terrain, your drive for excitement side might be begging you to take your RC car with you.

However, your more intellectual side knows that RC cars have their limitations, even the off-road ones. There is a different option! Rock crawlers are specialized remote control vehicles that deliver true to their promise of allowing you to drive on the rockiest of terrains. Read ahead to learn more about our compilation of the best RC rock crawlers. An RC Rock Crawler is a radio-controlled vehicle with a special climbing feature.

They are designed to climb rocks, overcome all kinds of obstacles, and tackle different kinds of terrain. However, they are not intended for racing as they move at a slow pace. Nevertheless, you can still find some on the market that are faster than most. The industry has new crawlers coming out periodically that are decked out with more features than ever before.

However, more features does not always mean better performance. There are many things to consider when buying a rock crawler. There are different types of these monster machines, including toy versions for kids and advanced versions for adults with a love for this hobby.

Best RC Rock Crawler 2020

So, how do you find out which is the best rc rock crawler for yourself? The first step should be to consider the amount of money you are willing to spend on a crawler. Something to consider is how often you will be using it. If you will be, then perhaps it is better to invest in a more durable version. These may be more expensive, however, they make up for it in their reliability. Toy versions are best if you have smaller budgetor just a sudden craving for a crawler and know that you will not be using it as much.

Another factor to consider is whether you are willing to assemble your own RC crawler or want to buy it premade. The kit versions give you a chance at learning how the crawler works and allows you the liberty to make the changes you wish. If it gets damaged, you will know exactly how to fix it.

The RTR or ready to run version is better if you want a hassle-free setup. If you wish to race with a rock crawler, then perhaps the rock racers will be a better option for you.

If you simply wish to conquer tricky terrains and rocks, then you can buy any type of rock crawler. Look at the wheelbase and the ground clearance it provides you in order to determine which one to choose because the ground clearance gives you a good idea of how high it can climb. If you are a beginner at RC cars and still have not mastered them completely, we recommend that you stick with it.

RC crawlers are hard to handle and can be tricky when it comes to climbing. It would be better to start with RTR toy crawlers as they are inexpensive and you can afford to crash them in the learning process. For experienced users, we would recommend a Nitro kit crawler as they provide more independence to the user. There are two main types of crawlers available on the market: nitro and the electric Crawlers. The following table summarizes the pros and cons of the two versions.

For beginners, we would recommend the electric version as it is easier to use. All you need to do is change the batteries before you take it out.

For experts, we would suggest upgrading to nitro as they are faster. Buy at Amazon When it comes to rock stomping, boulder crunching rock crawlers, perhaps only few can compare with the Redcat Racing Everest.

Top 10 Best RC Rock Crawlers Reviews and Buying Guide

The superior aluminum chassis is light and provides the stability it needs to conquer the toughest of rocks without being too heavy.Remote control cars have always been a huge part of children growing up and they offer so much fun and experiences that one could have outdoors and with friends. The best RC rock crawler is usually not made for children and it is designed for the adult looking to have some fun and get over a few of those tough obstacles.

This is where we come in and with our expert reviews; you should be able to get the right one for the job in no time.

We decided to look into the top RC rock crawlers and find out exactly why they are so highly rated and what does set them apart from the standard remote control car. In this guide, you will learn exactly what are the most important features you need to consider when you are looking to buy one you will also see which rock crawlers we have chosen for our best rock crawlers that will give you the ultimate value for your money.

Most important features that you should consider before buying your RC rock crawler:. As we have already mentioned, the top-rated RC rock crawlers are quite intricate and it can be hard to get one if you have few experience with it. We have chosen a few of the most important features that we think will make it easier for you to discern between a quality product and a knock-off, or cheaper imitation.

Here are the top features that you need to consider when buying a good quality rock crawler:. The best beginner RC rock crawlers will generally be electrically powered and will certainly be much easier to keep in shape and to maintain until you become more advanced. Replacing the batteries is also much cheaper than the fuel for the nitro gas powered RC rock crawlers. These 5 features are what we consider the most important for you to consider or choose between and they will also give you a better indication of the right type of person the model is designed.

If you are a beginner, there will be no use for you to immediately buy an advanced model as this might be too powerful and could ruin your experience. The rock crawler features a 2. The model also includes a center mounted 3-gear transmission and this will make power the last of your concerns when climbing over those rocks. The entire model has been scaled at of the actual size and this will also be the most common size that is generally accepted in most competition.

The multi-link suspension is also perfect for the model and will give you that added smoothness when moving between extremely uneven surfaces. The model uses a standard 7. This battery can also be wall charged. In terms of pricing, this model is really affordable and will definitely be ideal for the beginners getting into RC rock crawlers. The entire model is also lightweight and very easy to control.Shoper Guide.

There are many reasons you should consider axial crawler and one of them is the ability to climb rocks, mountains, and other terrains easily. They are to be considered for areas and terrains where cars or buggies would not be able to tackle. For those who are yet to know what axial crawler is, just sit back as you read our post on the best axial rock crawler you should consider.

The first thing you should consider is your budget. It determines what you get from the market. Most Rc crawlers are quite pricey considering the materials they are made from and the parts that come with it without leaving out the features.

It is essential that you get a quality one and to do so, and you need to spend big. We have the list of some you can opt for and acquire with a little number of dollars. Most people make the mistake of jumping into the market to get an RC crawler due to the fact they have the money to spend, and they end up making the wrong call.

Your level of expertise should determine the type of crawler you get. There in the market, you will find the one for beginners, intermediate and professionals. It will be a waste of resources for you to get a professionally handled crawler when it is your first time of ever trying to ride a crawler. It is advisable to start with a beginner crawler.

You should consider this factor too as it will help you to highlight some features you need from your crawler. Look into the reason for getting the crawler and then make a choice based on how it can meet your needs.

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Cruising a different kind of terrains is easier to do using the axial scx10 II jeep. Everything on this RC will exceed your expectation considering its operation and amazing features. The truck is all you need as it is tough and made of quality materials. The Rc truck is not designed for children below the age of three and the good part of it is that it comes fully assembled with little or no installation to do.

best rc rock crawler

With the design and features it commands, it takes off-roading to another level. The four-wheel drive can take on any terrain and perform excellently.

It has speed control with a sealed receiver box, steering servo that is resistant to water to ensure the truck serve you well for a longer period.

As part of the construction to ensure you enjoy every moment you spend on the truck, it has the rear and front bumper, mirrors, door handles, liftgate trim panel, rear tow hitch and strong body to withstand anything thrown at it. Furthermore, the truck is durable with a lot of adjustability options for you. The chassis is one of the reasons to consider the jeep due to the toughness and strength.

Its body comes with a tan color which makes it attractive and alluring to anyone. The truck is a dynamic type that is built with high-end quality materials which give it the strength and power to perform excellently even in the harshest condition. The four wheel drive truck has unimaginable power to thread on any terrains. It can be used even during the dark as it has LED light to ensure you walk through any path easily without running into an object.

Also, the design of the truck integrates SCX10 II platform which has a tough steel c-channel frame rail chassis. It has added features such as adjustable coil-over oil shocks, an adjustable Ax10 transmission, a four-led set, 1.

It is thus easier for anyone to control the jeep with the simple to understand the operating system and amazing features that add to the convenience of driving the jeep. The body is made of high-quality materials which makes it reliable and durable to handle any condition. With the jeep, you can conveniently rule over any terrains.Updated November 06, by Brett Dvoretz. This wiki has been updated 20 times since it was first published in January of Let no rough terrain stand in the way of your fun.

When you are at the controls of one of these RC beasts, you will be ready for off-road adventures in all weather conditions and without worrying about damage caused by crashes or roll-overs. These rock crawlers are ready to climb across the toughest trails and for any abuse. Some are almost fast enough to double as racers, too. When users buy our independently chosen editorial choices, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

Skip to the best rc rock crawler on Amazon. When users buy our independently chosen editorial recommendations, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. It has a near foot control range and shock-absorbing, pneumatic tires.

Despite its relatively low cost, you can still adjust its height, toe angle, and shock position to suit the terrain. If four-wheel drive isn't enough for you, then you'll want to check out the 6x6 Exceed MadTorque appx. It runs on three high-performance motors, and all three axles can articulate in different directions at the same time, allowing it to climb over nearly anything.

If you would prefer a model that looks more like a real truck rather than some fantasy vehicle, but don't want to sacrifice performance, the Vaterra Ascender appx. It has the front end of a Chevrolet K10 pickup that is kitted out for off-roading. Its steel frame should keep it in great shape through rollovers. It comes with both a battery and a charger for the vehicle and is available in four colorways.

best rc rock crawler

It also features long-travel nitride-coated shocks. It has enough ground clearance to handle large stones, and features a composite, full-tube chassis and skid plate that are both lightweight and durable.

It comes ready to run right out of the box, and features all-metal, sealed bearings for use in mud and puddles. It features dual-CV telescoping half shafts and deep-treaded tires to grip the ground as it barrels over obstacles.

October 29, If you don't have the money or live in an area where it would be feasible to drive a full-sized rock crawler, navigating one these RC rock crawlers is the next best thing. Most are built to scale, so their balance and capabilities are similar to real kitted-out vehicles, just in a miniature format. During this update, we removed a number of models that made the list last year. Some examples include the Vaterra Twin Hammers, which has been discontinued by the manufacturer, and the DeXop F01, which tends to begin experiencing charging issues over time.

We also eliminated the Ecogear EC-V, which, while affordable, didn't have enough power to tackle many obstacles people encountered. Some new additions include the Exceed MadTorquea six-wheel drive model that has enough torque to handle the steepest of inclines. It does travel a bit slow though, so if speed is more your style you'll want to look at the Altair Power Prowhich tops out around 30 MPH. It also comes ready to run, making it a good choice for beginners who don't want to deal with the hassle of assembling their vehicle.

The Traxxas Summit has a gear ratio, so you can rest easy it will also have all the torque you need. You can even equip it with the company's Link Wireless Module, allowing you to fine tune the vehicle from your smartphone. We have included the Vaterra Ascender and Axial SCX10 II Deadbolt for people who prefer crawlers with a more realistic look, but if these models don't suit your fancy, you can find a few more options on the RC trucks list.

In the s, a few small American slot car companies started developing their own nitro-powered RC vehicles. Tamiya is also responsible for producing the first off-road style models inwhich featured real suspensions systems and textured rubber tires. In the s, the RC car market received an overhaul when manufacturers went from focusing on simple scale models to high-performance models featuring larger and more powerful motors. Between the advent of 4WD off-road trucks and buggies, and high-performance racing models, the popularity of RC vehicles skyrocketed.

Towards the very end of the s, Kent Clausen set an impressive speed record of 57mph running the RC10L electric pan car. He would go on to break his own record in the 90s by driving that same model 70mph. These staggering speed records were a precursor to what the s held for RC cars — a focus on speed.There are a few things that Remote controlled cars may not give you; try as they may. When you need to take on an unusual terrain, the very last thing on your mind is the kind of speed that a regular sized RC car can provide.

Without an RC crawler, all you might have is the adrenaline-fueled excitement of driving a fast RC car with the limitation of where you can take the vehicle. But remote control crawlers come with a promise to provide you the unhindered enjoyment of climbing rocks, mountains, and otherwise insurmountable surfaces with ease.

They are designed to scale rocks, climb obstacles and tackle the tricky terrain. While their abilities are not limited to this alone; they move at crawling speeds, regardless of what kind of terrain they are on. Unlike most RC vehicle types, they are hardly suitable for racing or related activities. There is a multitude of things to consider. In order to make the best possible choice, the very first influence to your purchase should be whether or not you are looking to buy a Hobby grade vehicle.

These advanced models feature different qualities that should also be put into consideration — including differentials and their ease of handling. Toy crawlers do not nearly satisfy these advanced needs so if you are looking for a vehicle that can overcome terrain challenges; then it is probably time to buy the best RC crawler that you can find on sale.

This should be paramount in your mind when considering the list of RC crawler options available on sale. Depending on their configuration types and whether they are RTR or a crawler kit they may be a little on the pricey side. While Toy crawlers for kids may not be as expensive, Hobby grade crawlers may be a cause for concern, so it is important that you do not go in there blind.

Your safest bet would be to establish whether you are looking for an remote crawler for beginners or experienced drivers, by deciding on your level of experience. An RTR will be better suited for beginners since they are tolerant of a few more accidents and collisions.

However, an experienced driver would pick a Nitro RC rock crawler because of the independence it offers. If you plan to race, well …you would be better off looking for a different RC vehicle.

They are best enjoyed on rocky terrains or even the backyard, in classic laid back fashion. Our guide below would provide you with the best crawler that would certainly impress your friends and blow the competition away. And compared to a few tacky alternatives which do not cut it when it comes to being great looking — the Everest 10 the eye candy of rock crawlers.

This crawler packs quite a kick when it comes to navigating tricky terrains. The Everest is also modifiable for RC owners with a small sense of adventure and independence. Its battery is quite readily available, and the battery tray can easily be opened so that you can replace the 7. But with its brushed motor, located at the center of its chassis, you will not likely be lacking in power or considering that many advancements.

Notwithstanding, the option is available for the curious. The Rockslide is easily one of the most versatile rock crawlers you will find on sale.

It is equipped with oil-filled shocks that are aluminum capped and motors that have a dual high-torque that keep the Rockslide on the move while getting in and out of the tumultuous terrain. Its balance is attributed to the position of the battery, which is a low weight for a crawler of its size and the transmission also features forward and reverse 4-wheel steering which all combines to give the rockslide a thoroughly balanced and stable driving experience, even for beginner crawler drivers.

And to douse any worry that the decals might be adversely affected by bashing and unruly impact, all of its features are printed on the inside of the shell, making the exterior of the RSXT just as reliable as it crawling capacity. For a toy grade vehicle, the RC Maisto rock crawler certainly looks like it is playing a much more advanced game.

best rc rock crawler

To make it an even better prospect for advanced drivers, the model features prospect for being turned into a hobby-grade version with a few upgrades and modification allowance.

Regardless of which the Maisto Rock crawler still wins hearts. But considering its features — including the articulated suspension that is rare for a toy-grade vehicle, you will find that a few shortcomings do not deprive drivers and owners of excellent performance. Short of actually flying, it will keep you thoroughly entertained with the ability to perform a significant number of maneuvers without falling apart.

Most compelling about the Maisto RC rock crawler, is the fact that it climbs — and does so with ease. With a dual motor and low gears. That is no real surprise. But the natural and comfortable feel the car gives while driving may, in fact, take you unawares — you will find that its ability to maintain traction while going over rough surfaces leaves you with quite an experience.These trucks are scale models of the real life 4-wheel drive monster mobiles.

With these radio controlled rock crawlers a day at the beach, the park, or even the back yard becomes the big-time adventure. These trucks come in a range of styles, power, and prices. For those new to the excitement, I would not recommend spending too much on the first rock crawler or a mini rock crawler.

But if it is love at first crawl, then there are bigger and better rock crawler that will climb! Since this article is focused towards beginners, we are going to be reviewing only ready-to-run RTR kits and not build your own kits. While these are toys, they are not meant for small children. Always pay attention to manufacturer recommendations, but common sense should always prevail. Team Losi Night 2. They back it up with economic products and their customer service is awesome.

It has been designed from ground up, and every detail was thought through to provide a competitive level base kit to work with. What does all that mean?

Secondly, the design is built to support any upgrades, you can switch up the axles,shocks, tires, shell and batteries. That accompanied with reasonable price, this is top kit in my book.

Below are some of the technical specs. Upgrades: Basically you can change the whole kit according to your requirements. This bad boy comes in electric blue and red, it is jacked up to the nines and it is ready for anything that dares to get in its way. This truck looks just like a real truck in the videos; filming it alone would be an awesome time! It comes with battery and charger, real life like monster tires, with real tread, aluminum capped oil filled shocks, this is like a real truck!

Except that the electronics in this truck are waterproof! It features a high torque 35T motor, waterproof electronics oversized shocks, and tires; this truck is a really serious rock crawler. As with a real truck, these need regular maintenance and the tires do wear out, just like on real trucks. It is durably constructed, there is nothing much that will stop this truck.

For those looking for that first rock crawler, or maybe just adding to the collection, the Cool made RC Car Conqueror is an excellent choice. This truck is perfect for children betweenafter that they may want something a bit more powerful.Fresh air, birds chirping, clear skies and quiet country landscapes.

Another excuse to get out of town with the kids to find a new, epic, rock wonderland. RC Rock Crawling. There is really nothing else like it well other than rock crawling a real truck and I have to say I am obsessed and addicted!

Too addicted according to my wife. The garage has turned into a RC storage facility and spare part bone yard! If you have never tried RC or RC rock crawling, then you are in for a treat. RC crawling has really taken off in popularity and for a good reason. It satisfies all RC off roaders desires for speed, jumping, mudding, bashing and even the challenges of technical driving. Even more exciting is the vast array of RC Rock Crawlers on the market today.

Many offer realistic scale realism and true off road crawling capabilities. Pick the right truck with waterproof electronics and you can shred mud puddles and do river crossings. Well thankfully I have been dabbling in the RC Truck scene for years and have tried, tested, researched tones of trucks!

Too many really. The trucks I have not owned my local club members have! Out on our testing grounds, We been hard at work testing dozens of the most well known brands recently, and over the past few months. A lot of trucks out there claim to be king of the rock, but very few actually stood up to our abusive testing.

Once you see what these 3 trucks are capable of, you will understand why I would recommend them as the most capable rock crawling and trail bashing trucks available today. Excellent out of box performance. Has a feature set we would have a hard time parting with.

For anyone looking to pick up a dedicated rock crawler, the Losi Nightcrawler SE is one of the best options for the price. It may not have all the bells and whistles like the TRX-4 but it gets the job done and done well!